The Future of Digital Marketing & Social Media

Future of Digital Marketing & Social Media
Without a doubt, our future is digital. However, no one can tell exactly how the future of digital marketing & social media will affect the way we do business. It is a future only a top psychic can predict. That being said, the recent developments and innovations in technology resulted in an improvement in digital marketing. With all these constant changes and shifting proc...
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Marketing Sex is a No-Brainer

Sex does sell. In fact, today’s advertisements are mostly sexual in nature. Commercials, billboards and print media explicitly display sexual images or give a hint of sexual undertone. In the digital world, marketing online sex shows seem to have become more prevalent. According to research, sex is an effective marketing tool. Incorporating it in your marketing strategy   is ...
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Promoting Your Council The Old-Fashioned Way

Town councils provide many services for residents, but often residents aren’t well informed about what they do. As a result, not a lot of people are able to benefit greatly from the services town councils offer to them. This however, should not stay this way as there are a number of ways in promoting town councils in a timely and effective manner. Let us look at some of the old...
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