The world wide web has been a blessing for us all in so many ways. In some sense, it is, as if we have been able to open up peoples’ minds and display them for all to see. Great concepts come to virtual life in technicolour glory. Multidimensional images that can be viewed from 360 degree angles inspire us. The education and training fields have been enhanced tenfold or more. Business has also benefitted enormously from things like websites and social media. Companies and individuals that make things can show their customers what their products look like and how they work. Flat old brochures have come to life and many more sales are the result.

Cooking with Pixels and Bytes: Marketing Kitchen Renovations Online

Cabinet makers and kitchen make-over specialists, in particular, can really illustrate to their market what these new kitchens will look like. Potential clients everywhere can go online and see these new designs from all angles. Spatial awareness is vital when considering things like rooms within a house or apartment. Customers can witness the incredible difference that a well-designed Adelaide kitchen renovation can make to their lives. It is really cooking with pixels and bytes: marketing kitchen renovations online for the betterment of all concerned.

A brilliant website illuminates all who see it, and who seek to learn from it, and they can be inspired by it. Inspiration is an integral part of selling kitchen makeovers, wherever businesses and their clients are located around the world. In 1999, 58% of owner occupiers in Australia had some renovations carried out at their home, according to the ABS. The annual Houzz and Home study, in 2015, found that most renovations carried out were on the kitchen and living room. Renovation figures have increased greatly since the advent of the Internet in most western cities around the globe.

According to The Australian newspaper, Western Australians pay more for their kitchen renovations than residents  in the other Australian states. They are paying an average $28 000 per kitchen makeover. Geographic isolation is blamed as the culprit for the higher costs than in the eastern states. The kitchen is probably our most functionally demanding space in domestic households, and is therefore likely the most important, when it comes to good design requirements. The kitchen is seen as the deal breaker when it comes to buying and selling Australian homes. The kitchen, according to The Block contestants, is the sexiest room in the domestic abode.