Having a business nowadays means that you have a website and an established online presence. Since a big number of the world’s population can access the Internet, business owners use this window of opportunity to market their product or service. Online gambling is no different. In fact, a research commissioned by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation showed that online businesses employed over 200 marketing and promotional techniques to persuade gamblers to make a wager. Some even go to the extent of giving free bets to first-time punters. Moreover, the same study pointed out that Australian-based bookmakers proffered three times that of betting incentives of offshore operators. Among them, newcomer Crownbet presented the most number of ‘stimuli’ during the poll period.

Digital ‘Smooth-Talking’ Strategies

In 2014, Ladbrokes recorded a 45 percent increase on their digital profits 18 months after they applied a different digital strategy. This includes establishing a stronger social media presence, institution of a single betting wallet, partnering with a gaming software provider, and introducing their mobile sports book.

Betfair also implemented a digital transformation to further intensify their persuasion tactics. Aside from drawing more traffic to the site through PPC and Affiliate, the betting exchange platform made some changes on their landing page. These adjustments were based on the persuasion principles outlined in Robert Cialdini’s book. Betfair’s strategy is similar to an A/B Test; they tested some changes and determined which has higher clickthrough rate (CTR). Results showed that the Social Proof variation had the highest CTR.

The Power of Social Media

As shown by Betfair’s ‘experimentation’, social media proved to be a very important and effective marketing tool. For instance, Paddy Power has quite a number of followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The themes of their content mostly revolve on mischief, disruptive and controversy. Since they make a lot of social buzz due to their contents and ad campaigns, their followers across all their social media accounts are constantly increasing. This metric is one of the ways Paddy Power gauges the effectiveness and outcome of its digital strategy. In fact, Paddy Power is hailed as the top performing gambling site on social networks.

Social media is a gold mine of customer data. By employing Business Intelligence, businesses can get to the bottom of a customer’s betting behaviour or pattern. In turn, they will be able to come up with more compelling and successful marketing strategies.