Cutting Edge Chiropractic Websites

It is said that the next generation of cutting edge chiropractic websites are contemporary, responsive and can adapt to other technological viewing platforms. Like any health care businesses, a chiropractor’s website must be able to standout and make a good first impression. Moreover, your prospective clients should feel safe and assured about the services you provide through the vibe or atmosphere that your website gives off. In addition, your site’s content should highlight and feature stories that are pertinent to your practice. When a person looks for chiropractor care, he/she should see on your website that that is exactly what you are offering.

What Makes a Good Chiropractic Website Design?

We want to highlight the importance of your chiropractic website. For instance, chiropractors tend to miss the point that they should know their patients’ and prospective clients’ actions when designing their website. Yes, it is important to showcase the medical procedures or chiropractic techniques you provide, but are they really THAT interested? More often than not, clients would just want to see videos, graphics or illustrations about your service.

Chiropractic is a well-respected profession; therefore, professionalism must be reflected towards your website. Additionally, your call to action should be crystal clear. If you are familiar with A/B testing, it wouldn’t hurt making different models or variations of your website design, especially with what appears on your homepage. This is of utmost importance since prospective clients usually spend 5 seconds navigating a website before deciding whether or not they would buy their products or avail their services.

For chiropractors who just started their websites, it is never too late to improve your site’s layout and design. Here are three chiropractor’s websites that could help you in reinventing your business’ webpage.

  • Prospine Health

The black background of Prospine Health’s website shows that they are serious with what they are doing. The use of white and green texts complemented the site’s overall theme. Aside from the text layout and graphics, what’s striking about the site is the seal of approval at the lower left end of the homepage.

  • Purehealth Chiropractic and Rehab

Upon visiting their website, you will be greeted by pictures of smiling people, which gives you a sense that their patients are satisfied with the services they provide. Purehealth Chiropractic incorporated patient reviews and a Google Map of their business’ address. For barely 5 seconds of navigating their page, you’ll get to know almost everything about the uses of chiropractic and the company.

  • Midtown Chiropractic

What’s great about the website is how Midtown Chiropractic plays with the colours. Although they used shades that seemed monochromatic, it still gives a relaxing feeling that makes you want to call them right away. They also included on their homepage their doctors’ schedule, their business address, client reviews and subscription board.