The Future of Digital Marketing & Social Media

Without a doubt, our future is digital. However, no one can tell exactly how the future of digital marketing & social media will affect the way we do business. It is a future only a top psychic can predict. That being said, the recent developments and innovations in technology resulted in an improvement in digital marketing. With all these constant changes and shifting processes happening on the Internet, businesses must be able to keep up to attract more customers.

Those who want to lead the game should come up with well-informed projections. For instance, is the boom in Chinese social media platforms an indicative sign that Western brands should penetrate the Chinese market? Or is it too early to tell, and could be anyone’s game?

The Future of Digital Marketing & Social Media

It seems like there is something new to look forward to in digital marketing and social media. Because of this, an exciting future awaits marketers, business owners, and of course, the consumers. Here are some predictions regarding the future of digital marketing & social media, and how they can be used to beef up your online marketing strategy.

  • A More Interactive Content & Voice Search

According to recent data, 43 percent of teens use voice search when calling someone, while 40 percent of adults use it when asking for directions. What does this have to do with the future of digital marketing and social media? In online marketing, there’s the adage that “content is king.” It is important that you create a high-quality and interactive content that will pull the audience, engage them, and protract their presence. In doing so, digital marketers are seen to go beyond the run-of-the-mill content that is interesting and visually captivating.

Recently, Voice Search is being used by consumers to search for interactive content, and products or services. More so, marketers are exploiting the tool in promoting their brand and in generating more traffic by incorporating their product or service offerings in their content.

  • Customised Websites

Customisation is a basic aspect of an excellent marketing. Soon enough, the websites that will be created are tailored for certain groups of users, or for a particular individual. These customised websites will definitely change how we use the Internet.

Customised websites will be used to track a user’s Internet activity, including his/her browser history, cookies, and even the amount of time the user spent on these web pages. These details will be used in helping the user to come across the exact thing, product or service that he/she is trying to find.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Brands are predicted to explore multiple opportunities for customer engagement using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). With the rapid progress in technology, digital marketing through AR and VR may happen sooner than expected.

The Pokemon Go became the first proof of how AR can catch the attention of consumers. The app users really went crazy in catching Pokemons, especially the rare ones. Among the social media giants, the acquisition of Oculus, the forefront in VR technology, by Facebook is a huge step in AR/VR marketing via social media. That said, the impact of this move is yet to be seen.