Horse Racing Digital Marketing: The Race Is On

The race is on as the power of horse racing digital marketing optimises the conversion process and makes reaching the goal easier. The goal is to foster understanding of horse racing among the general public, and introduce people to the fun and excitement of the game. The horse racing industry particularly the bookmakers and betting companies are now using digital marketing strategies to grow their fan base. Also, to disseminate and develop the equine culture. Marketers are given opportunity to engage more effective targeting solutions for better results offered by digital platforms. Horse racing digital marketing encourages more people to go racing and bet on their favourite horse.

Attracting targeted audience makes digital marketing more effective. Digital marketing strategies not only attract high volume of traffic but also identify potential players of high quality and value. Keeping abreast of the digital technology by developing new platforms offer consumers new experiences. Punters say that digital platforms and social media are equally important factors in driving them to online betting sites and trying free bookmaker bets. A good digital marketing strategy will generate buzz, boost brand awareness and improve revenue.  There are different digital marketing tactics you can use in your digital marketing strategy.  Here are a few ones I recommend:

Social media marketing
Social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Pinterest can be used in your marketing efforts. Social networking sites are great platform to attract more people towards your business. Use your social media accounts for customer acquisition. You can also increase user engagement by connecting with customers on a consistent basis. Use promos, contest, video and informative post to foster real-time interactions with your visitors.

Content marketing
Digital marketing for the horse racing industry revolves around content marketing. Deviate away from loud advertising that people are accustomed to and develop a strategy that showcases your innovative persona. Increase engagement by creating quality content to be posted to social media or distributed to gambling review sites, blogsites and social bookmarking sites. Leverage authoritative racing sites by sending them quality articles or infographics related to horse racing to reach wider audience, .

Digital sales promotion
Online Lottery is a new way of integrating horse racing and gaming to a new audience of people who play lottery games. This marketing tactic can bring new fans to the races to enjoy the sport and its social aspects.

Email marketing
Properly planned email marketing campaign can attract potential customers in a cost-effective manner. Creative email with the right balance of text content and images can showcase betting services to different groups of punters in a fully personalized manner. Custom designed email campaigns can be a great online marketing tool for the horse racing industry.

Lead generation
Convince visitors to give their information and grow your email list by offering some value to them. It can be in the form of valuable advice or racing tips through ebooks, reports, blog posts, or videos. By doing even a small thing first you’ll influence visitors that you are a thought leader in your field. An effective lead magnet can gather more information about your potential customer. It can also bring them closer to becoming a quality lead. Use the information you gather to interact with your prospects as they progress through your funnel.

Search engine optimisation
Determine your important keywords to develop your keyword strategy. Inserting related keywords to quality content will help your website show up in search results. Being on top of the search results page leads to higher volumes of web traffic. Creating quality content, link building attracting leads are some of the most challenging task of SEO.  Ensure that your site is optimised for what your target audience is searching for, this is essential for an effective digital strategy.