People, generally, choose to purchase a franchise based business, because of the marketing opportunities it affords them. A McDonalds or KFC has a much stronger brand in the marketplace than “Eric’s Hot Hamburgers” (with apologies to Eric, if this business name actually exists). A franchisee pays to be part of a successful and well-known business. He or she is buying a proven system, that is known to work. Marketing value is a big part of that proven system package. A franchisee is trading off a great deal of autonomy and creative opportunity in business for the tried and true concept of this particular franchised business.

How to Market Franchise Based Businesses

You are not reinventing the wheel here, you are implementing proven marketing strategies. The franchisor has developed these winning marketing strategies over time, through trial and error. The franchise has a recipe and products which deliver the same experience no matter where the location of the outlet, in principle anyway. You do not want a great deal of variation in the marketing techniques, except for unavoidable market distinctions like language and cultural differences. The product and service should be the same, no matter the territory or geographical location.

A great business idea crosses great divides to reach human beings everywhere. The best franchised businesses succeed because the gold at their heart is universal. Marketing these businesses is not difficult, because of this very fact. They may employ someone equally famous, with a similar universal appeal, to spruke their message. George Cluny and Nespresso, springs to mind. Movie stars and special coffee work well together. One tip to find a celebrity is to head out to the trendy eating spots in the major cities.  I am sure associations with exclusive items will always click here for the famous and the infamous.

Keeping the message simple and succinct is the key to all effective marketing and advertising, but particularly true of franchised based business marketing. Everyone in the organisation needs to be on song together in how they present themselves to the world. Centralised marketing is a must in the franchise business. Every piece of the puzzle must fit together seamlessly. Consumers must not experience conflicting corporate messages. Brand loyalty is dependent upon everyone singing from the same song sheet. Operations must reflect exactly the message from the advertising and marketing agencies and departments. There must be a continual feedback mechanism between all departments; and the campaign must be systematically adjusted in response to this ongoing market research.