Marketing Sex is a No-Brainer

Sex does sell. In fact, today’s advertisements are mostly sexual in nature. Commercials, billboards and print media explicitly display sexual images or give a hint of sexual undertone. In the digital world, marketing online sex shows seem to have become more prevalent.

According to research, sex is an effective marketing tool. Incorporating it in your marketing strategy   is a smart thing to do. However, you should properly utilize it so as not to dissuade prospective customers. For instance, Paris Hilton’s advertisement for a certain brand only translated to a meager 2 percent sales bump. Experts believed that oversexualizing your marketing intent will not encourage your customers to make a purchase.

Promoting Sex in the Market

A recent study from MediaAnalyzer showed that men are the number one patrons of commercialization of sex. Sexual images in print media amplified men’s purchasing intent. However, its influence on women is different. Not only it minimizes brand awareness, but it also drops the ad’s efficacy on them.

Sex works because of our brain’s response to this stimulus. As a matter of fact, our brain only reacts to 3 things: sex, threat and food. When a person perceives a sexual message, there’s no way they will shrug it off. Moreover, sex becomes relevant if it gets connected to a sensual product or material. For instance, if you added racy content to a non-sexual merchandise, you will leave your customers cold. But if you are selling wine, for example, associating it with a suggestive or inviting material is favorable for your marketing strategy.

Online Sex and Prostitution

Selling “real sex” online is also easy as pie. Nowadays, call girls and pimps use social media and mobile apps not only to avoid the police, but also to market sex with ease. Recent data suggest that 80 percent of sales from the sex industry are carried out online.

Sex toys are also becoming popular worldwide, thanks to the Internet. The industry rakes in $15 billion annually. China accounts for 70 percent of sex toys marketed in the global market, thereby making the country as the leading exporter of sex toys in the world.

May it be a sex accessory, actual sex or basic goods melded with sexual innuendo, it is no doubt that sex does sell. Marketing sex is, indeed, a no-brainer.