Is it a basic reminder that blokes should not be sitting in front of screens typing their lives away? A sign that nature did not design men to be sedentary fat arsed typists? Why else would sexually tinged or tainted information, whether image or text, be so effective in arousing the male species? We should not be in this compromised situation, performing weak stuff by pushing buttons and endlessly communicating with other compromised individuals. Where is the glory and the physical challenge in working with computers? No wonder we constantly vague out and only return to our senses when we stiffen our resolve through some call to our stifled libidos.

How Sex Sells To You Every Time You’re Online

Of course, marketers, those keen students of human psychology, worked all this out a long time ago and have been exploiting it ever since. Computers are not sexy, especially not to blokes; they are little boxes with buttons and lights that go blink, blink, blink. The word processing computer may have been sexy to women, because they were the ones stuck in the typing pool buggering around with Typex. Men wanted action, not traction and being chained to the desk. The canny marketing expert thought to himself, what if we stick an attractive chick with big bazookas in the front line of selling stuff to do with computers?

Well, the rest is history of course with Pamela Anderson employed by Crazy Domains in Australia to sex up the Internet for men. It is a fact that men in meetings get bored with all the talking, talking going on. Talking is not action and men are hardwired for action, not for talking. Pornography is very big on the Internet; these images of sexual action have become man’s new best friend in lieu of the real thing. The virtual world of digital reality is the consolation prize that we have all been given in return for the rapacious exploitation of the planet’s resources by corporations that have forgotten why they wanted to make so much money in the first place.

From the very beginning marketers took the geeky child that was the computer and realised that ordinary folks would not buy these things if they did not associate them with pliable and spreadable females. Sex was beginning its move from the real to the virtual, from flesh to pixel, from sensual to conceptual. Sex sells, especially when you are not getting any.