1. Journalists: Oh, you thought that this particular beast was now extinct did you. Well, yes true journalists are a rare breed, but there are plenty of mongrel hacks, still banging away at keyboards out there. Most often interbred with PR agents and publicists, the mongrel journo/blogger is still fond of Twitter for the access it provides to celebrities, sportspeople and other ill-advised users of the medium. Social media has put the power of the press into the hands of the irresponsible and illiterate. Journalism was always a broad church, full of the disreputable and dissolute, but there were, also, writers like George Orwell and Karl Marx making their presence felt in this field at certain times in our history. Ninety nine percent of readers are dolts and a hundred percent of publishers are bastards, with those odds it is pretty hard to break even when it comes to writing quality prose.


Still Crazy About Twitter? Here’s Five Industries That Are


  1. Donald Trump: I should point blank refuse to write anything about this buffoon, but North Korea’s Kim Jong-un keeps Tweeting me to say something profound about him. President Trump is Twitter’s best friend; and Trump believes it to be his direct conduit to the American people and probably the world. Everything else is ‘fake news’. Well, I am sure that he is a fake President. He tags himself #RealDonaldTrump, but that is pretty suspect don’t you think.


  1. Celebrities: We all know that once you are classified a ‘celebrity’, it means that you don’t have any real friends. You, then, have to go on Twitter, because there is nobody you can have a real conversation with #RichLoser and #SorrySchmuck. Except, maybe Donald Trump.


  1. Politicians: Most pollies never had any friends to begin with to lose; they use and abuse people like greyhound owners and Catholic priests. Twitter is an outlet where pollies can cop abuse from anonymous trolls, whilst they stroke themselves with something unclean. Donald Trump is, now, a politician. Gee things might just be getting worse. I think back to the fall of the Roman Empire and all those crazy Emperors like Caligula and Tiberius. Are we the slaves?


  1. Escorts & Sex Industry: The sex industry, an interesting combination of terms, it conjures up some strange imagery, manufactures all sorts of pumping pistons and grinding grooves. Faceless men and women hard at it, day and night, with nary a moment to Tweet. Their Twitter account twitching like a loose labium or two. Liaisons Sydney Brothel houses some homegrown industry, just for you.